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The address for the two bedroom/two bath condo on the water is 175 Sunset Point Drive, Dadeville, AL 36853. It is part of Sunset Cove Condominiums within StillWaters Golf Resort.

The address for the one bedroom/one bath condo on the golf course 741 Lakeview Ridge, Dadeville, AL 36853. It is part of Golf Colony Condominiums within StillWaters Golf Resort.

Phone Numbers

Sunset Cove (2 BR/2BA Condo on Water) – 256 825-1744
Golf Colony (1 BR/1BA Condo on Golf Course) – 256 825-0398

Directions to Lake Martin Condo in StillWaters Golf Resort from Atlanta, GA

Take 1-85 South into Alabama. 
Travel approximately 17 miles after the Georgia/Alabama state line. You'll see an exit for Highway 280 East (town name Opelika). Do not take it.

Travel approximately 5 more miles. Exit at Highway 280 West (still Opelika, Highway Exit #58). If you choose to skip Starbuck’s and any other shopping, turn right at the end of the off ramp. Otherwise, go straight at the end of the off ramp to grab a Starbuck’s to enjoy for the rest of the drive. There is also a shopping center named Tigertown on that side of the highway, complete with Kroger, Jersey Mike’s, Target, Olive Garden, Home Depot, etc. Lowe’s is on the opposite side.

Travel approximately 20 miles on 280 West. You'll see Highway 50. Do not take it.
Shortly thereafter (approximately 1/2 mile, Mile Marker #88), you'll see County Road 34 (blue sign). Turn left.

Follow County Road 34 approximately 8 miles. The road will curve several times. While it curves, stay on County Road 34 by following green StillWaters signs. You will come to a flashing red light at Highway 49.

Turn left to head to the condo. Travel approximately 1 mile to the StillWaters entrance on the right. Turn right.

There are two lanes at the guard shack. Use the left lane (for visitors) and let the guard know that you are there to use our condo at one of the addresses listed above.

Go straight on the main road after you leave the guard shack. Watch your speed as they do ticket violators. The road will go up and down hills and curve a couple times. You will pass the golf clubhouse right before the driving range.

Go straight through the first stop sign (shortly after the driving range). At the second stop sign, you will see a sign for Sunset Point. Choose one of the following options:

If you are headed to the two bedroom condo on the water, go straight through the stop sign toward Sunset Point and take the first left at the bottom of the hill. Our condo is in the second building on the left. You can park anywhere.

If you are headed to the one bedroom condo on the golf course, turn left and follow the road a short distance to the 3rd driveway on the left (1st and 2nd driveways lead to houses). Go up the hill in the parking lot. Our condo is in the first building to the left of the pool. Please park in a space that is not numbered or the space with our unit number on it.