Lake Martin has something for everybody!  Of course the primary attraction is the lake itself. 


If you bring your own boat on thing you should not miss is Acapulco and Chimney Rock.  hese are a few of our favorite things to do at the lake.


A must do jump for the adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. The 60 foot jump from the top of Acapulco Rock is an iconic spot for cliff jumping in Alabama.

Acapulco Rock is a great spot for cliff jumping for all ages. There are plenty of spots to jump from varying heights. Acapulco Rock (also referred to as Chimney Rock) is accessible only by water. Following the pin provided will lead you straight to the rock.

In summer, you can expect a good crowd to be at Acapulco Rock taking the plunge. However, going very early in the morning or during the week as opposed to weekends could give you the rock to yourself.

When you pull up to Acapulco Rock you swim to the left side of the rocks where you see a ledge that is half the height of the tallest rock. There is a rope to assist you in climbing up to the shorter rock (Chicken Rock) and is around 20 feet high.

For the more daring individuals, continue upwards to the high 60 foot jump off of the top of Acapulco Rock. The climb upwards to get to the top is pretty straightforward. The jump is located to the right of Chicken Rock, not directly above. Jumping directly above Chimney requires you to jump out to miss hitting Chicken Rock.

View Sunsets

Sunsets at Lake Martin can be incredible!  What a great way to relax after a long day of playing on the lake.



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Guided Fishing

We've had the pleasure of joining both guides for guided fishing trips.  They are both very well equipped to locate the fish and will provide everything you need (except fishing license & snacks).  They will even fillet your catch for you!


(205) 533-3664 (Cell) - Jim Paramore

Guided Fishing - Jim Laws






Visit Acapulco & Chimney Rock

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Look for Deer

A large portion of StillWater's Resort is made up of private homes, two golf courses and undeveloped wooded areas.  This makes it a prime habitat for deer and other wildlife. Walk or drive through the area around dusk and watch the deer!



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Play on the Lake

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Hiking Trails

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Learn to Sail

Enjoy your vacation while earning your Practical Sailing for Basic Keelboat Certification (BKB-101)!

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Wellborn Musle Car Museum

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